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About Me

My Name is Malik Usman Ali Khokhar, i live in Lahore, Pakistan. I am Regional Expert Reviewer of Google Mapmaker, I am also a Architect, Web designer, Wikipedia Writer, Blogger & IT Expert in IT Dunya Forum. I am doing B.Arch From University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan.

Usman's Message To New Bloggers
Men sprung from sand but ever since Stone Age to the modern world, humans are failing to realize the proper purpose of getting born in this earth built with wonders. So its time that we need to think deeply and work as the situation demands. So when you will start blogging, you will see major ups and downs in your life. You will meet lots of people which will demoralize you, but you need to be firm and must believe your abilities. Blogging needs little hard work but plenty of patience. It is a foundation which will allow you to multiply your voice to communicate with the whole world. So we must respect this enormous opportunity and try over best to achieve never ending glory.

  • Try to create Quality content
  • Give more value to the uniqueness
  • Try to write on a specific niche
  • Build great communication with your readers
Please remember to thank Almighty ALLAH (God) for giving you the chance to read and write. Every single men is born with some sort of uniqueness, our job is to discover that talent. Best wishes for all of your guys for your Blogging Career. Peace Blessings and Happy Blogging.
Best Regards